I guess I was destined to have a major crush on food since my hippie parents originally wanted to name me the fragrant and delicious “Vanilla”.

Cooking was in my blood. My mom owned a little gourmet bistro on Silverstrand Beach in Oxnard where I grew up. It was called Tastebuds… so cute right!? I practically bathed in her bran muffin batter and almost turned into a full blown spaghetti bolognese. Heaven!!!!

Now I’m a grown woman, wifey to a massive meat and potato loving hubby who I try to trick daily into eating clean and green. We have 2 fur babies, Rose and Charlie, who run the show in our household. I’m a full time working woman in the beauty industry and I’m just like you, with limited time to shop, cook and clean. But I’m here to say, you can still prepare and eat nutritious now matter how busy or crazy life gets.

I always had a love of food and cooking but it didn’t become an obsession until I had to find my creative outlet to release my mind from my infertility struggles. I dove deep into clean eating when I was going through my IVF procedures, IUI’s, Clomid, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines and laparoscopic surgery. So far, none of which have been successful.

BUT through this journey I found my passion for creating healthy(er) dishes, incorporating homeopathic powders and superfoods into snacks and revamping the mother of all natural remedies, Bone Broth…. or what I like to refer to Bonetox (Better than a detox, safer than Botox). This new diet helped with my gluten intolerance, increased my energy levels, made my skin/hair look better than ever, and I was hooked!

You won’t find any calorie counting or time prep on this site. Just eat healthy with good ingredients in acceptable portions and take as much damn time as you want or need to cook. I truly believe my recipes won’t have you craving the crappy foods. Everything on here is full of flavor, definitely hearty and desserts are welcomed.

Jessica “Vanilla” Blafer